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Today is Tuesday, May 30, 2017


last summer



a bit of leftover chocolate (left in the fridge!) some milk/heavy cream, two bowls, strawberries


Tomato Risotto


My  parents had purchased some quality Parmigiano Reggiano from the wine and cheese shop around the block for a party, leaving two blocks uneaten in the fridge. I had wanted to attempt making risotto for a while, since I love any interpretation of it at restaurants, so I set off to find some Arborio rice.  My mother had warned that the supermarket in the department store wouldn't have it, but it did. I guess the 'Gourment' Wellcome sets it apart from the ordinary Wellcome! (American equivalent being Market Basket, Albertson's, or Safeway before its revamp)

Searching online beforehand, I settled on this Tomato Risotto recipe by Emeril Lagasse. Surprisingly fuss-free and without white wine, which is usually a part of most risotto recipes.

The risotto turned out rich in flavor due to the simmering of the onion and garlic in the water for a good ten minutes. While waiting for the rice to release its starch, it felt a bit like whipping cream, waiting for the exact moment between watery and overdone.

recipe here


a few of the ingredients

part of the wait......vigilant stirring!

detail shot




delicious! the parmigiano reggiano made all the difference. because everyone else in my family had eaten, we saved it in the fridge.... they aren't picky about the al-dente buisness, so heated on the stove with a bit of heavy (whipping) cream or water it made for lunch/future meals



starting out


trying this out, as a place to record what i've tasted, what i've attempted to make, what worked and what didn't.

the beginnings of a tomato risotto



the header is a picture of Taiwan Railroad Corp.'s Railroad Lunch Box- a pork cutlet first fried then stewed in soy sauce, I believe, with sides such as sour Chinese cabbage, peanuts and tiny fish, and preserved cucumber.






Maison Des Reveries


more to come...